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Join our diverse community and experience a culture focused on achieving your fitness goals through fun and hard work. Our certified and experienced trainers are always on-hand and ready to help you get top-notch training experience.

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Founded in 2000, Mafunzo International Fitness & Kitchen is a unique business based in Chicago that combines fitness training with culinary services, catering, and meal prep. We aim to provide a holistic approach to health and wellness by offering fitness training, healthy cooking classes, and nutritious food. Our company is dedicated to promoting health and wellness through physical fitness and delicious, healthy meals, with a focus on providing high-quality training and helping individuals achieve their fitness and nutrition goals.
Our history of helping young boys and men achieve a higher sense of confidence and exposure to uplifting events, influential, and inspiring people sets us apart from other fitness studios. We put health first without sacrificing taste, providing a holistic package for health, wellness, and practice. Additionally, we operate as an international company, taking clients from all over the world in person and virtually. Mafunzo also has a non-profit that works to uplift inner-city youth in Chicago and America.

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